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For most families in the UK, the current financial climate has had a knock on effect which has brought about a tighter household budget for them. The recession has generally caused wages to stagnate in relation to inflation rates and this has brought about many personal difficulties for a lot of people. Commonly this might just take the form of something like causing people to have their hours reduced at work or maybe they won't receive promotions and bonuses as they would have normally expected to at the current stage of their career, but changes to company priorities and the restructuring of public services has meant that some people have lost their jobs altogether.


Times have been difficult for everyone, but most people are able to make a few adjustments and carry on as normal. But if a personal injury is added into this situation it's easy to see how a difficult situation can become catastrophic. Suddenly having to face medical bills, loss of earnings, the disruption of daily life and even (in the case of long term recovery, or having obtained a disability) special adaptations to a family home, can spell disaster for the well being of a client and their whole family – and this is before even beginning to account for the more complicated but equally weighted impact of emotional trauma, pain, and suffering.


That's where we come in. Like other law firms, we offer our services for personal injury claims on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means that no matter what happens our work will never cost you any money – in an extremely high percentage of cases we're able to bring about a successful settlement, but even on the rare occasion that we could not we would never charge you a penny. Everyone has come across stories of dishonest solicitors who have been caught preying on people while they are going through a difficult time, but we would never, for example, spring hidden fees or costs on you, make you liable for our fees from your compensation award. As a long established firm, we've built good relationships with many clients on a foundation of trust that speaks for itself, and we have always believed in treating people fairly.


Unlike other firms, we understand that the financial relief you're awarded is in recognition of your suffering; it's a much needed solution to a problem that has been brought into your life by a guilty party that was not yourself. That's why we'll use all the expertise earned over twenty five years of proud experience to fight for the maximum possible compensation your case can be awarded. We never employ technical legal language to communicate with you when instead we could explain the situation in a clear, concise way. We're a friendly, professional practice and we meet all our clients with the respect and consideration you can expect from a firm who understands your needs and approaches you as an individual. If you contact us today, you'll receive an excellent level of service that aims to provide you with the opportunity to claim not only the compensation you're entitled to, but the justice you deserve.


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The whole process was easy and I was expecting it to take about a year but I got compensation after 4 months. Great company and always helpful.


- Mr Peter Stevenson